On The Condition of Your Music…

This one baffles me.

People walk into the audition room with pieces of paper that look like they were washed, tumble-dried, and carried in the bottom of their bag with their Laducas .

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times…  set yourself up for success.

Y’all, broken music is the opposite of that.. Would you go to the gym without stretching? Would you play golf(sportsball) with broken clubs? Would you do yoga with no mat? Would you eat Indian food with no bathroom near? Would you use a headshot from when you were 13?… well, some of you might, but still… set yourself up for a win.

A hole punch should be circular. Not a broken circle, not a half circle because you missed.

You can purchase hole reinforcers at Staples.com or at your nearest office supply store. Buy them. When the hole rips – which it will – reinforce it.

If your music looks like it was used to write the Declaration of Independence, then it’s probably time to reprint your music. Spend the money, it’s worth it.

If your music is covered in pencil/pen to try and explain what your cut is… and the chords you want the cut played in… then it’s probably time to hire someone (me) to type it out for you in a new pretty cut that is easy for a pianist to read. Spend the money on your own pretty sheet music that is for your pretty cut and pretty face.

The list goes on. But it’s important. Nice music makes for a nice audition.

Now go make it all pretty 🙂


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