A Note On iPads in Auditions…

With the advent of the iPad, people are saving tons of printing time, paper, and money. I’ve noticed a few more people each month bringing their “books” into auditions in their iPad, and I think it’s great.

But here’s the thing: you have to be careful. Some pianists hate playing from them, or are unfamiliar with them. (That will disappear in time)

I shouldn’t have to tell you this…but:


And if you are using an iPad, please use software that has page turn capabilities. No one wants to continually scroll up while playing… we use both hands to play… most of the time.

Use ForScore, or even the Musicnotes app (although I have a note about musicnotes music, more later). And the screen should not be broken or shattered. – useyerbrain


The page turn should be a tap or a swipe like turning a page… like tinder.

Again, you should gauge the room and the pianist. I’m not trying to age anyone out, but I once sat in auditions with an older gentleman playing, and when he went to turn the page, he swiped the iPad so hard that it flew off the shelf as tho it was paper… He didn’t flinch, and the iPad shattered.

This medium is more familiar to the pianistic community now, so that problem is less common. But beware.


-Brightness up.

-Easy Page turns (use an app like ForScore)



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