A Quick Note on the Casting Director…

Here’s the thing people: The casting director (CD) wants you to get hired.

When they make appointments and set up a full day of auditions to put in front of the creative team, they think about what they’re doing.

They wouldn’t make a list of people they hoped would fail in front of the team, and they’re not trying to trick you or make you sweat blood for anyone.

They want you to succeed. (They want to look smart, obvi…)

One thing I’ve noticed a few times in various rooms is that people are quick to throw the CD under the bus. They do so in ways that are subtle enough that they probably don’t know that they’re doing it.

One way people inadvertently make the CD look bad: “Oh I never got those sides…” I can assure you, most CD’s will send the sides you’ll need for any audition moving forward in the first email. They won’t want to make more work for themselves than they already have. So if you didn’t print off the side and suddenly realize that then say so. Don’t say you never got the sides and try and make it seem as though it was THEM that made the mistake. Shady bitches…

Another way is by canceling last minute or stringing the team along. If you know way in advance that you’re not going to take the job because you have a better offer or because you would never leave the show you’re at, then don’t audition. Don’t tell the CD that you are interested in the first place. Dick move brah…

Often these casting directors are fighting for you in the room, they’re finding ways of making you look more appealing to the team through any way possible. So when you blow off an audition or turn them down last minute it doesn’t look great on them.

Casting Directors are your friends, treat them as such.


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