New Year, New Stuff, Thoughts…

Hey All!

It’s a new year for everyone! This is great news for some and just fine news for others. But regardless of if you had a bomb 2017 or not, 2018 is here and we sure could use a boost!

Yes is tacky and yes is cliché and yes you can roll your eyes if you want, but I think you should have a resolution or two or three… Or maybe you discover your word for the year and apply that word to your every day life! I’ll share with you my word: Positivity!

We all have a tendency some times to be negative about things, or to let negative influences control or manipulate our lives. I SAY GOOD DAY TO YOU, negativity. I don’t need that, none of us do.

Be open to new experiences in your art. Play with your fellow artists and create magical things that mean something to you. Don’t just go through artistic motions because it’s what you think you should be doing.

For all the people going into the 2018 audition season: be brave and prepare!

Prep your auditions to present your best face. Be open to learning new material and new things. Your rep book shouldn’t be a dusty crusty ol’ manuscript. It should be comfortable and fresh and exciting to you.

That’s all for now! Let’s have the best 2018. Let’s throw out the old (politicians, broken sheet music, etc…) and let’s manifest the new!

All the love,



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