New Year, New Stuff, Thoughts…

Hey All!

It’s a new year for everyone! This is great news for some and just fine news for others. But regardless of if you had a bomb 2017 or not, 2018 is here and we sure could use a boost!

Yes is tacky and yes is cliché and yes you can roll your eyes if you want, but I think you should have a resolution or two or three… Or maybe you discover your word for the year and apply that word to your every day life! I’ll share with you my word: Positivity!

We all have a tendency some times to be negative about things, or to let negative influences control or manipulate our lives. I SAY GOOD DAY TO YOU, negativity. I don’t need that, none of us do.

Be open to new experiences in your art. Play with your fellow artists and create magical things that mean something to you. Don’t just go through artistic motions because it’s what you think you should be doing.

For all the people going into the 2018 audition season: be brave and prepare!

Prep your auditions to present your best face. Be open to learning new material and new things. Your rep book shouldn’t be a dusty crusty ol’ manuscript. It should be comfortable and fresh and exciting to you.

That’s all for now! Let’s have the best 2018. Let’s throw out the old (politicians, broken sheet music, etc…) and let’s manifest the new!

All the love,



On Sides…

This one will be quick and short.

There are sides and there are cuts. Cuts are music, sides are script.

Now this is just all my opinion. When you’re reading sides in the room especially for a first callback, HOLD the sides. You may be the most memorized that you’ve ever been on any gig ever, but still… hold the sides. You never know what brain obstacle will appear when you’re in the room reading with a reader who you’ve probably never met before and given an adjustment you’d probably never thought about. Or have them in your pocket for easy access.

When you’re in for a second callback or for a Broadway show, MEMORIZE the sides. When you’re balls deep in a scene, working in front of the director, and getting all the way into a character, you probably don’t want to be taken out and have to call for a line.

I’ve heard from many a casting director that when actors aren’t holding the sides in a scene it can actually make them nervous, and that’s all they’re thinking about. I’ve also heard from some Broadway directors that they hate when people hold the sides, it distracts them. You will inevitably go up on a line, someone in the room will think: “well… you should have held the bloody things in the first place…” (they’re British apparently) You literally can’t please everyone all the time. (I’ll refrain from the Aesop fable about the donkey and the boy and the man…)

So the answer is… don’t stress about it. If you’re nervous then hold the sides, if you want to not hold the sides then don’t, but only if you’re legitimately off book.

Also: MEMORIZE and LEARN the music cuts. It’s impossible to tell if you can sing the sides if you’re still reading the music and not sure of what note comes next. Period.

That’s all today!

I’ll Start With Hello!

Getting to know me…

I’ll start with my name. I’m Rodney. The past 6 years I’ve played more auditions than I can count and coached hundreds if not thousands of singers on their auditions and material. This blog will be mostly my thoughts on all things audition and actor related, with anecdotes and things that people behind the table hate…and maybe some things they love.

There will also be large amounts of space dedicated to an often overlooked and scoffed at crippler in the world: anxiety. As an artist with pretty debilitating anxiety, I will share with you some of my journey on finding a way to manage the monster.

I hope you enjoy! And if you do or don’t, leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to hear about!